Sexual Harassment in the Workplace:  

A video that explains how to prevent or to report sexual assault or harassment in the workplace. The women in the video express the fear and discomfort of the experience or situation they are faced with when facing sexual assault while at work. The fear of faulty acquisitions, disbelief or termination for reporting.


The Danger of the Single Story:

Is a video of a intelligent women from Africa explaining what the “single story” is how many people only hear one side to the story and do not dig further deeper into knowing the whole picture. She explains herself that she is a daughter of two university professors in Africa and that her family was well off. She then moved to the states when she was older to go to university and many people asked her about her background and if it was weird for her having access to so many resources. She then realized that this was only the single story that has been taught to people.

Cycling Through Consent:

Is a video explaining the importance of consent and how having your partners consent is important. the video explains sex and the dos and don’t through using a bicycle and how you would not force bicycling on to someone so why force sex.



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