Anti Human Trafficking Program

Providing: Community Education and Awareness

  • including warning signs
  • risk factors
  • how to offer support - safely
  • resources

Support to persons with lived experience - current or not


  • advocacy
  • counselling
  • community connections
  • safety and / or exit plans

*Call for more info or to schedule a presentation

What we do

Kenora Sexual Assault Centre is a place where human trafficked, sexually assaulted and abused females (and those who identify as females) are welcomed. The human trafficking department supports both survivors and their families who are or have been trafficked, as well as families who suspect their loved ones might be trafficked.

Services the human trafficking department can provide:

  • Referrals to community agencies and resources
  • Assistance with basic needs
  • Safe drop-in Centre available Monday to Friday 1:00pm to 4:30pm
  • 24 hour crisis line to support survivors and their family 1-800-565-6161 or 807-468-7233
  • Scheduled counselling Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Accompaniment (to the hospital, police station, court, doctor or lawyer appointments, service providers, etc.)
  • Advocacy

Supports for males

Kenora Sexual Assault Centre provides support to male (or those who identify as male and of LGBT2S communities) survivors at a safe space in the community (such as the jail, shelter or another community agency).

Education and awareness service

We offer presentations, education and awareness training on human trafficking including but not limited to the signs to look for, how to help, community supports, etc.

We will offer presentations to interested agencies and organizations. Please contact 807-468-7958 to book a presentation.

**If you or anyone you know has questions, or is experiencing trafficking or sexual exploitation, we are here for you.**


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