The Kenora Sexual Assault Center is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. These community members are committed to advancing the mission and vision of the organization.  The Board members are a valuable resource to KSAC by lending their expertise and skills to the Centre and the community as a whole. The Board is responsible for setting strategic direction and advising the leadership team on legal, financial and managerial matters.

Ideal candidates will have knowledge and awareness of sexual violence issues, a commitment to feminist analysis and practice and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Activism
  • Finance and auditing with non-profit or charitable organization
  • Policy development
  • Legal expertise
  • Human resources
  • Feminist counselling
  • Non-profit management
  • Media/public relations and/or fundraising

Other areas related to the services offered by KSAC

  • The Board meets locally once a month, with each Board member typically committing 3-7 hours per month on Board business.
  • KSAC encourages women of colour and indigenous women, trans, and non-conforming folks, as well as those representing other marginalized communities, to apply for these positions.  Applications are accepted year-round.  Please call the office at (807) 468-7233 for more information and to obtain a board application.

Whether online or through presentations and workshops, our public education program seeks to:

Inform and engage the community on all issues relating to sexual violence and to facilitate meaningful conversations on the related issues

  • Promote learning skills that will identify and eliminate sexual assault
  • Provide opportunities for thoughtful discussions, self-exploration and the application of information
  • Provide up-to-date information on sexual assault specific to the Kenora area.
  • Increase awareness of recent legal issues concerning sexual assault
  • Create educational campaigns that stress the importance that it is everyone’s responsibility to end sexual violence
  • Create partnerships in the community and to provide opportunities for schools, crisis centers, church groups, and other community institutions and organizations to work together towards the common goal of eliminating sexual violence
  • Increase visibility of the crisis line number and information about our services
  • Facilitate opportunities to dispel myths and challenge assumptions about gender roles in society
  • Implement innovative ways to raise funds for the centre.

About our public education sessions

We offer a range of presentations or workshops that can be adapted to suit your needs on request. We welcome public education requests from organizations, community groups, secondary or university classes, or other audiences who might benefit. In the past, we have addressed topics such as:

  • Consent and Understanding Sexual Assault/Abuse
  • Gender Norms and Sex in our Culture
  • Anti-Human Trafficking
  • Consent & Healthy Relationships
  • Building Social Change
  • Sexual Harassment and Bill 168
  • Community Bystander Intervention
  • Kids in the Know

As facilitators, we use our knowledge and our experience working with survivors to support these discussions, ensuring that they challenge myths about sexual violence, gender inequality, and other forms of oppression that exist in society.

At the end of each session, if we have done nothing else, we have at least started a dialogue and encouraged reflection, something we believe will lead to change.

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